I’m slowly learning that waiting is part of the journey.

For much of life, it’s always been about deadlines, progress, getting there, accomplishing stuff, improvement and so on. These are not necessarily in and of themselves bad things, but one can become so consumed by the treadmill that we never stop and wait.

We’re in an unusual life stage at the moment. There is a firm sense that God has shown us what the next clear move is to be, but the timeline for it is not quick. There is a strategic deadline which makes lots of sense but leaves us in a position where we can’t do much in the way of planning or be proactive.

This is surprisingly difficult!

We are having to wait for God to define the steps, and the timings of them. Carry on life ‘as normal’ whilst all the while being aware that this is not ‘it’.

It’s a bit stressful, but underneath there is an awareness that faith grows in the tricky times.

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