Utter loss of hope.

The feeling of complete hopelessness.

Not just a feeling of being a bit down, or confused, or sad. No, despair is a feeling which can lead to thoughts of suicide, the sense that there’s no point in you being alive, the wondering of “why am I even here?”

It may pass.

You may have friends who can help, or colleagues who will support you, or even a family who are there for you.

If you don’t, please call The Samaritans for help on 116 123.


What is faith?

It’s the part of you which believes in something despite a lack of, some would say, reality or scientific evidence.

“Faith is confidence in what you hope for and assurance about what you do not see.” (The Holy Bible, Hebrews 11 v 1)

When life is difficult, when things are so emotionally draining that you’re not sure how to manage the day, when exhaustion takes over your soul to the point that you don’t function in the way you are used to, that’s when faith carries you.

It’s the part of your spirit which always hopes, always desires something better.

Keep slowly moving forwards in faith. You WILL get there!

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